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Cloud SSD hosting technology has gained prominence in recent years. This Solid State disc stores data utilising flash memory, which does not heat up your disc. It is one of the reasons why more businesses are going to SSD web hosting. There are several reasons why you should adopt this form of storage technology.

Cloud Hosting in India

India cloud hosting – India has seen significant growth in the sphere of VPS hosting services in recent years. Cloud hosting is the hosting of websites, applications, and data on virtual servers that draw resources from a network of physical servers. This solution delivers scalability, dependability, and flexibility when compared to traditional hosting approaches .

VPS hosting services are provided by a number of organization’s in India, including both global players and local ones.

Cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting is the capacity to use the cloud to make programmes and websites available on the internet. It aggregates computing resources from a network of virtual and real servers, providing for increased scalability and flexibility in making changes quickly .

How does cloud hosting work ?

Virtualization is used in the cloud hosting process. As previously discussed, a virtual layer is formed on the server where content and other data can be kept. These virtual layers can then be duplicated on other computers on the cloud computing network, which is distributed across the globe.

Benefits of cloud web hosting –

Economically Smart – Some sceptics argue that the Cloud is too pricey. No way!  Cloud hosting is just as economical as traditional web hosting.

Software updates – Software updates are utilised to prevent security risks as well as to increase compatibility and programme features.

Disaster Recovery – Large firms frequently spend a lot of money on disaster preparation, insurance and recovery. Unfortunately, most small and newly firms will not be so fortunate because this is not yet in their budget.

Security – Your website is more safe when your data is hosted on numerous sites. With various firewalls, anti-virus detection/protection, data encryption, and frequent security audits, the Cloud is far safer than older web hosting servers.

Site Isolation – Isolation in the cloud refers to a configuration in which some elements (such as virtual machines or containers) are kept isolated from other aspects of a larger cloud environment .

Cloud Hosting v/s VPS

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual, isolated environment maintained on a single server. On top of the operating system, the hosting provider adds a hypervisor (virtual layer) that separates it into independent components. In India, VPS hosting provides greater flexibility and customization than shared hosting, but it restricts resource utilisation to a specific server. VPS is sometimes known as “private cloud.”

Window Cloud server

Windows cloud servers outperform typical in-house servers in terms of configurability, performance, and security. Microsoft offers better professional support for Windows servers than open-source competitors. These servers enable high-quality remote desktop access through an intuitive graphical user interface and are simple to set up .

Linux Cloud server

Linux Cloud server – A cloud server is typically used to refer to a whole Linux system, or, more precisely, an entire machine. In practise, cloud servers will always function as virtual machines, or software systems that simulate computers, within much bigger server clusters through the virtualization process.

shared SSD CLOUD VPS Windows Hosting Plans

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Processor 1 core 2 core 4 core 6 core
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Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP
Bandwidth 250 GB 250 GB 250 GB 250 GB
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