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Features of Multi Domain Linux Hosting


Linux is an Open-Source operating system that is free to use and distribute. This makes Linux Multi-Domain Hosting Plans more Cost-Effective than Hosting Plans that use proprietary Operating Systems.

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Linux is known for its Security. It is less vulnerable to Malware and Virus attacks. This makes Linux Multi-Domain Hosting plans a safer and more reliable option for hosting your websites.

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Ruby Limited time offer
Rs 6,000/ Per Year
Rs 6,000/ Per Year
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Pearl Limited time offer
Rs 8,000/ Per Year
Rs 8,000/ Per Year
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Emerald Limited time offer
Rs 15000/ Per Year
Rs 15,000/ Per Year
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CONTROL PANEL cPanel cPanel cPanel
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
BANDWIDTH Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic
EMAIL Unlimited Email | 500MB Per ID Unlimited Email | 500MB Per ID Unlimited Email | 500MB Per ID
SSL Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL
Inode (No. of Files) 75000 100000 200000

Multi Domain Linux Hosting

Our Linux multi-domain hosting plans give you the ability to host many domains on a single server. This means you can manage and maintain your whole internet presence from a single control panel .

Multi Domain Linux Hosting

Multi domain linux hosting is a part of hosting administration that allows you to have  various spaces in your linux hosting accounts. Finally, multi domain linux hosting provides you with the great affordable stage to have multiple site locations under one account . It makes it simple to access and manage all areas of you site from a single convenient control panel .

How Do I Take Advantage Of Multiple Domain Hosting?

Selecting a “unlimited” web hosting service is the best way to get the most out of Multiple Domain Hosting. Any web hosting package that offers unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited add-on domains will allow you to host your websites without worrying about surpassing restrictions or constraints.

Advantages Of Multi Domain Linux Hosting

It provides various benefits for people or businesses that need to host multiple websites or applications on a single server. Here are a few significant benefits :

Cost Savings – Instead of having a separate hosting package for each website or domain, you can consolidate numerous domains into a single server. This can result in cost savings because you are just paying for one server rather than many plans.

Customization – Multi-domain hosting allows you to set up individual configurations for each website, such as different versions of software, programming languages, and frameworks.

Eco-friendly – Consolidating several websites onto a single server can lower overall energy consumption and contribute to a more environmentally friendly hosting configuration.

Resource allocation – With multi-domain hosting, you may dedicate specified quantities of server resources (such as CPU, RAM, and storage) to each domain based on its needs. This fine-tuning can assist eliminate resource congestion and assure peak performance.

Linux Shared Hosting multiple websites are hosted on a single Linux server that runs the Linux operating system in a Linux shared hosting environment. All of the websites hosted in this hosting model share the server’s resources, such as RAM, CPU, and disc space.

Linux Reseller Hosting – Reseller hosting is a service that allows you to host your own client or even start your own hosting company. With our complete reseller hosting solution, you don’t need to bother about hardware or networks because your customers will be hosted on our servers.

The greatest advantage or benefit of linux reseller hosting is that it is budget-friendly. Because linux is an open source, your hosting provider can utilise it for free. As a result, the Linux reseller hosting plans are cost-effective because they do not include the cost of the operating system.

Here are some key benefits of linux reseller hosting – 


Simple client and content management

Low entrance obstacles

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Technical assistance is provided at no cost

Possession of a web hosting infrastructure

Multihosting – Multiple domain hosting allows you to host multiple names from a single account, making it simple to administer and update all domains from a one or single location. It is useful, if you want to diversify your business and manage multiple web enterprises. Don’t be put off by the price; basic plans include unlimited domains .

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