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Enjoy the best speed delivery with our SSD powered WordPress hosting plans.

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With our hosting plans, your website or blog remains up at most of the time.

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Quality features

You can get the cheapest Linux shared server with no quality compromise.

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Do the fastest and easiest customer support channels, we are one of the most recommended web hosting service provider in India.

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Maximum RAM and CPU Capacity

Shared Hosting package which meets your business marketing need. Whether you need to extend the RAM and CPU capacity.

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Pricing Package Comparison

Make Your Flexible Pricing Plan
Linux-Shared-Starter Limited time offer
Rs2,500/ Per Year
Rs2,500/ Per Year
+ purchase now
Linux-Shared-Basic Limited time offer
Rs3,500/ Per Year
Rs3,500/ Per Year
+ purchase now
Linux-Shared-Premium Limited time offer
Rs6,000/ Per Year
Rs6,000/ Per Year
+ purchase now
Linux-Shared-Enterprise Limited time offer
Rs10,000/ Per Year
Rs10,000/ Per Year
+ purchase now
Disk Space (2 GB) (5 GB) (30 GB) (50 GB)
Domain 1 Domain 5 Domain 5 Domain 20 Domain
FTP Account 1 FTP Account 5 FTP Account Unlimited FTP Accoun Unlimited FTP Accoun
Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Email Accounts 5 Email Accounts 5 Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts
Sub-domain 3 Sub-domain 10 Sub-domain Unlimited Sub-domain Unlimited Sub-domain
Database 1 Database 3 Database Unlimited Database Unlimited Database
Database space 100mb Database Space 1gb Database Space Unlimited Database Space Unlimited Database Space
Antivirus Imunify 360 Anti-virus Imunify 360 Anti-virus Imunify 360 Anti-virus Imunify 360 Anti-virus
Protection DDOS Protection DDOS Protection DDOS Protection DDOS Protection
Certificate Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL

Linux Hosting

Hosting is a computer. This computer is connected to every computer through internet. Because where there is a website’s data store. If someone wants to see any of this data, also then it sends a request to the hosting computer through the internet from the computer and the hosting sends the data according to the request. You can also call hosting web server.

 The Linux hosting is the practise of hosting websites, apps, and online content on servers that run the Linux operating system. It is an open-source operating system that is greatly operated in web hosting environments due to its reliability, protection, and elastic.

Linux web hosting to go to web hosting that uses the Linux operating system. Basically it is an open-source operating system, which means that anybody can use, divide, and modify it. In addition to, because the operating system is free to use, web hosting providers can offer linux hosting at a lesser cost than other types.

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux shared hosting is a form of web hosting service in which numerous websites are hosted on a single server running the Linux operating system. Also resources like as disc space, bandwidth, and server resources are shared across several users and websites under shared hosting. This is in contrast to dedicated hosting, in which a whole server is dedicated to a single user or organisation.

Here are some benefits of Linux shared hosting –

Linux is not just a beneficial operating system for new devices; it also adds value to ageing machines. If you have an old computer, you can almost certainly find something to run on it. That is, you can resurrect old gear. While this may not be relevant for many firms, it is a terrific opportunity for programmers to broaden their knowledge.


Finally, there is no operating system that can entirely protect you from all software threats. To yet, however, Linux has mostly escaped severe cyber-attacks. Because it is open-source, vulnerabilities may be easily and quickly identified and rectified.

Cost- effectiveness 

Because of their open-source beginnings, servers based on linux or managed linux distributions such as Debian, Centos etc. have low set-up costs.

Easy of use 

Linux is a great up-to-date platform for the modern developers. After all, it is a flexible system, as opposed to windows and apple’s rigid operating systems. Because of the modularity of the linux system, you can develop the solution you require the most.

No licensing required

As we know, Linux is an open-source operating system and linux does not need for expensive licensing fee, it is a achievable option for small organisations and business enterprises that need a cost-effective sever-instance solution.

Linux Cloud Server

Linux cloud server – Typically, a cloud server refers to a whole Linux environment, or, more correctly, an entire machine. In practise, cloud servers will always function as virtual machines, or software systems that assume computers, within much larger server collections, a technique known as virtualization.

Linux cloud hosting is a sort of web hosting service that makes use of virtualized resources from several servers linked in a cloud architecture, all of which run the Linux operating system. This technique has various advantages, including scalability, responsibility, and adaptability .

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