Webmaster Training Institute in Jaipur

Webmaster Training Institute in JaipurBrosis is Webmaster Training Institute in Jaipur have the best SEO trainers to support new people or existing website owners who resolve to make them the best Google webmaster. After learning effective ways to use Google webmaster tools you can analyze how your website is working on Google search results. Brosis Technologies is one of the best Webmaster Training Institute in Jaipur.

We teach you to understand Google Webmaster Guidelines and how to test your site and improve its performance. We will teach you how to properly use this powerful tool and more about this amazing concept at our Digital Marketing Training Institute.

Why  webmaster training in Jaipur is required

Google Webmaster Tool is an amazing part of Google SEO tools. That provides data & configuration control for your website. If you do SEO and you don’t find value in google webmaster, you would go with a paid tool that re-use webmaster’s data. You can get more information about eCommerce web development through this.

And the best part of this tool is that it’s absolutely free. Before you get access of any data on your website, you have to prove that you’re an authorized person of that site. This has done by a process of verification.

Learn various important points of Google webmaster tools, like..

  • Know how much pages of your website are indexed by google.
  • What other websites are trying to be linked to your website
  • Keywords that driving traffic to your website.
  • Learn how to rectify your website errors.
  • Learn which website pages gaining maximum click through rate on google search result.
  • Identify bugs and crawling issues
  • Learn how to geographically target your site.
  • Submit sitemap to google
  • Learn about free classified ad portals
  • How to use search console to monitor search results data for your properties


Webmasters use these to check their website indexing. It is of great use to optimize overall website ranking in major search engines. In the tutorial, we cover many topics, such as introduction and types of webmaster tools. In our next article you will find information regarding ecommerce web development.